Role of the Law in Coronavirus Remote Work Policies

Role of the Law in Coronavirus: Remote Work Policies

COVID-19 pandemic has worked as the ultimate game-changer this year. It has affected many things, especially business, around the world. As a solution, almost all companies have implemented work from home arrangements on employees. So, business operations can run smoothly.

Recently, numerous employees in Seattle and across the country are working from home for a stable career life. While taking cautions about all email phishing and online scams. Legal remote work policies must be clear to every employee. So, expectations and employee efforts are crystal clear. However, These policies serve several important ends.

Remote working is different than formal office working. These remote work policies put forward the employer’s expectations daily. Which, however, is overlooked in a formal workday. Things Like:

  1. Working Hours
  2. Communication during working hours
  3. How often you should communicate with your team and team lead.
  4. Using secure remote access, such as VPNs
  5. The employee should take good care of employer property (laptop, office data, etc)
  6. Distribution of work expense, which will be handled by the employer, and what is the responsibility of an employee.

Moreover, every remote work policy should cover these 5 policies to avoid any legality.

Remote Work Eligibility:

Not every position is eligible for remote working, and employers should state the eligible positions to work remotely in the policies. However, this will eliminate all future requests for remote work.


If your employees are working remotely, the availability expectations should be set straight in the policy. Whether your business work requirement is 9 am to 5 pm, or you want to leave it to your employees to schedule their work timings. In both cases, it should be added to the policies.


The policy should define whether an employee working remotely is expected to respond to the co-worker immediately. Moreover, what medium should be used to communicate.

Measuring Daily Productivity:

Remote work policies should specify how an employee’s productivity will be measured.

Right Equipment:

Work from home required the right equipment to make sure they can work smoothly. Therefore, the remote working policies need to state clearly the equipment company is willing to offer. However, if they want the employee to use their equipment, this will follow with more detailed conditions.

Tech Support:

The policy should specify what kind of tech support will be offered to the employees. Moreover, it should outline what steps should a remote employee take in case of any technical difficulty.

Final Words:

However, these formal written work from home policies will help both the employer and its employees to share a common understanding of how their relationship will function. These policies have important as the situation request for long-term remote work. Moreover, you don’t require extensive policies. But just the right one to avoid any critical misunderstanding between employer and employee in this pandemic situation.

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