Essential Tips for Long-distance parenting in Covid-19

As the Covid-19 hit the world hard, everyone is instructed to stay home by the government officials. People around the world are finding it difficult to adjust to this situation. Every individual is facing new challenges every day. In all these hassles we came across lots of questions on how to deal with long-distance parenting problems during Covid-19.

To ease struggling parents with a long-distance parenting plan. We bring some tips you should definitely consider.

1. Hold to Parenting Agreement:

As the government officials ordered to maintain social distancing and shelter in place orders. Separated parents thought this affects custody orders too, which is not the case. However, you are still expected to comply with the hold to parenting agreement.

However, in this situation of the pandemic, adjustment can be made accordingly. But it’s important that both the parents agree upon the changes.  If traveling for children is a risk on health while this lockdown. And you don’t want to take this risk than both parents should come to a manual agreement. However, these terms should be set in writing.

The written terms should the time period the agreement is adjusted. Moreover, there should be ways that encourage the children to maintain consistent communication with the parent the can’t meet in person.

2. Technical Communication:

The biggest hurdle for many long-distance co-parents during this pandemic will be trying to build strong relationships with their children.

Using video communication apps like Skype and Facetime instead of in-person time is an excellent way. You should use these to see your children and make sure they are happy in their current living situation.

Some parents are even sharing their kids’ interests as a way to stay in touch. From playing multiple games online to giving piano lessons on YouTube. There are many unique ways that you can use technology. Make a stronger communication with your kids and build a stable long-distance relationship.

3. Keep Focused on Building Healthy Habits:

If you believe that letting your children stay at your ex-partner’s home will be a risk at their health and safety. Only then you need to look up for an experienced child custody attorney to address all your concerns.

It’s is essential for both the parents to understand that the safety measures they choose to implement in their homes may differ from each other. Because you both have a different approach to life. So, in the time of quarantine, it may be a problem that one of the homes is less safe for your children.

However, if not resolved maturely this issue may become a major source of conflict. So, if you are seriously concerned about the health of your children. Then consulting an experienced Family Law Attorney Seattle to discuss how to make a petition for an emergency temporary child custody order.

Moreover, more than ever, this is the time when a co-parent should try and be cooperative with each other. And must patiently deal with the issues just to ensure that their children don’t feel stressed. At this time uncertain conditions their children need support and love.

However, if you have any questions regarding your child custody matters. Let our experienced family law attorney deal with it. Contact for free consultancy.