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Every employee deserves to be treated equally. And this is where Employment laws play its part in protecting employees from unfair treatment. Over 35 years, our experienced team of employment attorney Seattle has dedicated their lives to fight all forms of discrimination. May it be harassment,  retaliation or broken contractual promises. We fight- We win. On behalf of all the employees who have been wronged.

What makes our Experience Employment Attorney Seattle Stand Out?

At Defense Attorney Seattle, we represent a group of employees, individual, union members, in all areas of employment law. Whether you work in a top award-winning company or a small venture. We hold the experience to fight against both in order to protect workers’ rights.

We take pride in our innovative approach to practice employment law. Moreover, we don’t charge our clients for the initial consultation. Therefore, feel free and call us at  +1 206 809 0444 to discuss your case with our experienced lawyers.

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