COVID-19 has Major Effects on Traffic Today

Covid-19 has proved to be a pandemic like no other. Its disastrous effects have spread far beyond the usual toll viruses tend to take on peoples’ health. It has disrupted virtually everything that makes the world go round. Its toll on traffic is unprecedented with most of the people staying indoors to protect themselves and their loved ones, and to mitigate any chances of personal injury; coupled with the closure of business and the everyday components of life, traffic these days is on a standstill.

Situation at Present

The world has witnessed many calamities throughout its history. Wars, natural disasters, man-made disasters, and pandemics and epidemics like this COVID-19 have made their mark on the world, and even more so on the human history every now and then. The dreadful marks of COVID-19 are however still in the making. If we talked about the traffic conditions all throughout the major cities of the world, it can be said without any shred of doubt that the traffic has been on its lowest in history for the most part.

This can be further substantiated by the fact that the oil and gas prices dropped far below market expectations as there was and still are very few to no one to use the oil and gas. The vehicles lay standing in the garages as the airplanes and ships lay await at airports, hangars, and docks, waiting for this COVID-19 pandemic to pass.

With all the havoc around, activity still persists as it always does no matter how grim the circumstances. Extinguishing the human spirit is not an option. Traffic is not unfounded on the road, although it can be considered to be at its lowest in human history. One can still see cars and trucks go by hither and tither in these dire days.

People, though on a very limited scale than before, still travel. This, of course, is no surprise as the commute from one place to another, be it for any reason, is, and will remain dependent on vehicles and automobiles. Some even say that the very sharp drop in oil and gas prices may very well be a blessing for many.

The many months that have passed under the grave threat of COVID-19, are about to pass altogether. The beginning of the end of this pandemic has begun. It is now only a matter of time, that this too shall be just history.

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